Tribes: Vengeance

Released October 2004 | PC

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Shuffling scenes from the past and present, Vengeance’s single-player tale is told kaleidoscopically from several characters’ points of view. In addition, the offline campaign trains newcomers in the nuanced maneuvering and new, grappling hook-enhanced grandstanding that they must master in order to shine in the first-person shooter’s six multiplayer modes.


  • Best Game of 2004 & Best PC Game
    GDAA (Game Developers' Association of Australia) 2004

Tribes: Ascend beta is out

by mrtiddlywinks | 5 years ago

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Tribes: Ascend Gameplay

by harelgur | 5 years ago

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There's a new Tribes game!

by jayakers | 6 years ago

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Basic Info
Released October 2004


ESRB Rated Teen for:

  • Blood
  • Mild Language
  • Violence
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