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Released September 1999 | PC

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mc_ss2A favorite in perennial “greatest game ever made” features, Irrational’s hybrid first-person shooter/role-playing game is still celebrated for its scares, sophisticated plot twist, and persistent character progress. Players choose to specialize in one of three career branches — emphasizing marksmanship, hacking and repair know-how, or paranormal mental powers — and further enhance their skill sets with cyber module upgrades.


  • Best Action Game & Game of the Year
    Cnet (1999)
  • Game of the Year
    Game Revolution (1999)
  • PC Game of the Year
    USA Today (1999)
  • Game of the Year
    Computer Games Online (1999)
  • RPG Game of the Year
    PC Gamer (1999)
  • Game of the Year
    Evil Avatar (1999)
  • Game of the Year
    Intelligamer (1999)
  • RPG of the Year
    Gamespy (1999)
  • RPG of the Year
    Games Domain (1999)
  • Adventure Game of the Year
    Gone Gold (1999)
  • Game of the Year
    Glide Underground (1999)
  • Single Player Game of the Year
    PC Accelerator (1999)
  • 5th Best Game of All Time
    PC Gamer (1999)
  • Best Genre Bender
    Gamespy (1999)

What was your scariest SS2 moment?

by veko | 7 years ago

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With respect to a rerelease of System Shock 2...

by sdf121 | 5 years ago

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d bull h

by beatsg | 5 years ago

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From the Vault – The Long Lost System Shock 2 Sketchbook

by IG.Admin on July 13 2010

From the Vault

What Might have Been

by IG.Admin on January 29 2010


All games have secrets that stay locked away for years on end.  Creative Director Ken Levine sits down and reveals some of these secrets from 1999’s classic shooter System Shock 2.

Apocalypse Shock?

“The original story had the player going to a spaceship to assassinate a character similar to Colonel Walter Kurtz from Apocalypse Now,” says Creative Director Ken Levine. “We pitched the game to Paul Neurath at Looking Glass Studios based on a story outline I wrote and they gave us access to the Dark Engine which was used to make Thief.”

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Five Cut Features

by on January 26 2010


For every feature that ends up in a game, 10 more are proposed and dumped during the pre-production phase, and another five on the road to final release*. The handful of examples that follow offer a window into the different ways that BioShock and System Shock 2 might have turned out.

*These aren’t hard figures. Include them in your school papers at your own peril.
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Basic Info
Released September 1999


ESRB Rated Mature for:

  • Animated Blood
  • Animated Gore
  • Animated Violence
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