Featured Employee: Jeremy Lerner

by on June 28 2012


Here’s why we think Jeremy is swell…

Steven Ellmore, Lead Engineer: Jeremy is fearless. I don’t mean “Russian Roulette” fearless. That’s just stupid. Jeremy is “boldly go where no one has gone before” fearless. And that’s a good thing, especially if you like video games, because having people like Jeremy on the team lets us experiment with new technology and try out brand-new things. Risky things. Incredible things. In fact, Jeremy is currently working on some cutting-edge features that are so super-secret that we can’t even tell you about them yet.

Jeremy also has one of the world’s best collections of ironic/funny T-shirts. You can tell when he’s running low on laundry because he’ll come in wearing a T-shirt that’s great. But compared to the amazingly awesome T-shirts that he normally wears, a great T-shirt is a disappointing letdown.

Your title is Tech Programmer. What does that actually mean?

Jeremy Lerner: I write a lot of systems code in the engine and tools, mostly to support our level designers and level builders. Depending on the day, that could be anything from workflow improvements in the editor to enhancements for the lighting system.

What games have you worked on?

JL: Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Describe Life at Irrational in three words or less.

JL: Always an adventure.

What is your favorite game of all time?

JL: I couldn’t possibly pick a single favorite. Right now I’d lean toward the Mass Effect series, which got me invested in my character like no other game. But for purely nostalgic purposes, I’d have to say the original Legend of Zelda, and by sheer playtime, Rock Band.

Name a game everyone should play once in their life.

JL: Portal. The writing’s fantastic, of course, but judging by a friend who never heard any dialogue because his sound card was on the fritz, the gameplay holds up without it. The transition from training to full-on puzzles is handled so smoothly, it makes what could have been an overly complex game completely accessible.

What is your favorite movie?

JL: Dr. Strangelove.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

JL: Video games, more than anything, but I’m also a music lover, board gamer, and craft beer enthusiast.

So you make your own beer?

JL: Nope, I’m not a home-brewer, I just enjoy a lot of microbrews. At a good beer bar, odds are I’ll be drinking out of a goblet or a snifter more often than a pint glass.

Tell your favorite story about life at Irrational.

JL: When it comes to forming inaccurate mental images of people at the studio, there’s no better time to start working here than the last week of Moustache March.

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