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Nick Borrego




writing music, gaming, rock climbing, movies


Painter – Hill Air Force Base

Twitter URL!/NickBorrego



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Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony Playstation 2, Sony Playstation 3, Nintendo DS, Apple iPhone

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  • borrego posted an update:   3 years, 10 months ago · View

    The Irrational Fan Appreciation Party was awesome! What a great way to top off a sweet trip out to Boston! Thanks again, Irrational!

  • borrego posted an update:   3 years, 11 months ago · View

    What’s new? Goin to the PAX party is new! Stoked!

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  • borrego commented on the blog post A Message From Ken Levine   11 months, 1 week ago · View While working construction at a job I could only look at as a test of physical and mental endurance, Irrational’s development podcasts got me through. It helped keep my dreams alive as I used a jackhammer outside in the middle of Utah January weather, as my feet would lose all feeling. I don’t know the [...]

  • borrego commented on the blog post Music Composer Revealed During Ken Levine Reddit AMA   2 years ago · View I can’t even describe how glad I am to know Schyman is officially the composer for this. He did such a classic job with Bio1, it’s a no-brainer for him to be on this.

  • borrego commented on the blog post Featured Employee: Amanda Cosmos   2 years ago · View I always like reading these. Plus, Amanda is really nice. Lincoln Face Liz in New Game +! :)

  • borrego commented on the blog post A Message from Ken Levine   2 years, 1 month ago · View I liked that original cover, but I think having Elizabeth on the front is a bonus. I went with 5 because I like how the lighting looks on Booker, and the way Elizabeth looks is just right in my opinion. In all honesty, as I scrolled, I was saying to myself, “Ooh, that looks good. [...]

  • borrego commented on the blog post PLAY TO EARN IN-GAME REWARDS!   2 years, 3 months ago · View Sounds awesome! GameStop knew all about it when I switched mine over.

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