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Justin McConnell

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I study at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, majoring in Biology – hoping to achieve Marine Biology someday. I’m in between being an outdoor and indoor sort of person (one day I might be chugging away at a videogame and another day I’ll climb Pikes Peak from top to bottom and still go to a college party). Bioshock is my all time favorite game for too many reasons I won’t post here. Minecraft is the runner up so if you happen to be an avid player of either and want to play sometime, feel free to drop me a line. =)


Colorado Spings, Colorado


Cross Country, Mountain Climbing, 2-D Drawing, Literature, Fiction Writing, Marine Biology, Party Hosting, and of course, everything Bioshock!


Full-Time Student


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Microsoft Xbox 360, Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation 2, Nintendo DS, Apple iPhone, PC

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