Irrational at PAX Prime 2011

by on August 22 2011


PAX Prime is just days away, and Irrational is gearing up for the transcontinental trek from Boston to Seattle. We’ve got plans.


You’ve got two chances to see Irrational in PAX panel discussions. Mark your schedules:

Friday, 2:00PM (Unicorn Theatre): Creative director Ken Levine will be a special guest on Geoff Keighley’s GT.TV Bonus Round panel along with fellow game designers David Jaffe (God of War) and Todd Howard (The Elder Scrolls series). They’ll be discussing what’s the state of the industry, talking shop, and generally shooting the breeze. GameTrailers will be there to record the panel and air it online at a later date.

Saturday, 2:00PM (Unicorn Theatre): Ken will be joined by the Troy Baker and Courtnee Draper, the voice actors behind Booker and Elizabeth. It’s their first public appearance in support of BioShock Infinite, so you won’t want to miss it. They’ll discuss what goes into bringing video game characters to life and screen some unique behind-the-scenes footage. If you can’t make it to PAX, catch it streaming live on


If you attended PAX East this year, you saw our life-sized Songbird statue, accompanied by a model playing Elizabeth. They’re back, so be sure to stop by our booth to say hi and take a photo. While you’re there, check out our other activities:

Entire weekend: We’ll be setting up a BioShock Infinite gallery with a collection of gorgeous Irrational-created concept art. Browse through it, and pay close attention, because if you can successfully answer a few questions about what you saw, we’ll hook you up with a poster.

Saturday, 3:30PM: Creative director Ken Levine and Troy Baker and Courtnee Draper, the voice actors behind Booker and Elizabeth, want to sign your stuff.  Throw them a bone.

Throughout the show: We’ll be announcing t-shirt giveaways over the course of the weekend with a 15-minute heads up on Twitter. Follow @IrrationalGames to stay in the know–we’ll also be tweeting about the sights we see, the fans we encounter, and any other promotions we come up with.

Be there.

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