BioShock Infinite and the Real World

by on October 27 2011


The Washington Post recently published an interview with Ken Levine as he chats with blogger Hayley Tsukayama about the politics found in BioShock Infinite. With the war between The Founders and Vox Populi building throughout the narrative of BioShock Infinite, Tsukayama used the current Occupy Wall Street and tea party movements as a point of conversation, making for an interesting exchange, as seen in this snippet from the interview.

“As a gamer, we like creating these worlds and seeing some reflection of what we’re working on, not telling the future so much as noting that it’s fun to reflect on what’s happening outside our window.” – Ken Levine

Would you care to find out how various political movements throughout history have influenced the events in the game? Have you been curious about the origins of Columbia? Would you simply care to learn more about the narrative of BioShock Infinite? You can read about all that and more at

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