BioShock Fan of the Month: Daniel Shenk

by on May 20 2013


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Location: Winchester, Virginia

Favorite BioShock Moment: My favorite BioShock moment is the piano scene in Fort Frolic with Sander Cohen. Although every moment in the game has a different impact, this one particularly stood out. It really gives you that sense of how far gone Rapture is, and just the kind of Character that Sander Cohen is. Plus “Cohen’s Masterpiece” on piano is phenomenal.

Most Prized BioShock Possession: I would have to say my most prized BioShock possession is the collectors edition for the first game. It’s what started it all for me.

First Game Ever Played: The very first game I played was Donkey Kong on the Atari 2600.

(Check out that fantastic tattoo!)

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