Why can’t I see all the achievement badges I can get?

It’s a surprise and that’s fun. Get over it.

I have not received my account confirmation email. What should I do?

  • Wait. It may take some time for the email to be delivered.
  • Check your spam folder or spam filters. Some email addresses have strong spam filters.
  • You can request a new account confirmation email by going here.

What does getting tons of points and badges get me?

Bragging rights on the community, self pride, the joy of the hunt.

Can I intern at Irrational Games?

Perhaps.  More on that later.

Can I help playtest your games?

Perhaps.  When the time is right we may look for people from the Boston area to come into the office to try out game out so we can pick their brain.

Can I beta test your games?

Irrational Games doesn’t have an external beta testing program.  If you are interested in joining our Quality Assurance Team, please apply for those positions when posted on the Jobs page.

My comments keep showing up on my wall on Facebook.  How do I make it stop?

If you are using a Facebook Connect account, you must disable Publish to Wall.

  1. Got to Facebook and login
  2. Click on facebook_app in the bottom left corner
  3. Click on facebook_app_edit
  4. Click on Edit Settings for Irrational Games
  5. Click on the Additional Permissions Tab
  6. Uncheck the box for “Publish recent activity (one line stories) to my wall”
  7. Click Okay
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